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Hepworth Farms Local & Organic-Certified Produce

"We are extremely passionate about our farming standards and practice a whole-alive-systems approach. We deeply care and are devoted to our workers, land and energy conservation, and delivering healthy and delicious food to our customers."

- Amy Hepworth

Winter produce on a wet rack at Honest Weight with organic signs on each itemHepworth Farms and farmer Amy Hepworth have been making news.

A 400-acre organic farm in Milton, NY, Hepworth Farms was originally founded in 1818. That makes Amy Hepworth and her twin sister, Gail, seventh generation farmers on their land, which is located near Poughkeepsie. After graduating from Cornell University with a B.S. in Pomology in 1982, Amy assumed leadership and began the process of dechemicalization, transitioning from standard farming practices to a "whole systems approach."

Amy is one of the recently recognized agricultural stars of the Hudson River Valley. Operated by Amy and Gail Hepworth and Gerry Greco, their team farms over 550 acres of rich soil nurturing over 400 varieties of NOFA-certified organic fruits and vegetables.

We've dedicated four feet of our produce wet rack to Hepworth Farms organic root veggies for the first few weeks of spring. There you'll find carrots, potatoes, parsnips, three kinds of beets, radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, rutabagas and celariac.

Read more about Hepworth Farms on their website.


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