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Honest Weight Launches Our new, Co+op Basics For Everyday Low Prices

Co+op Basics are Honest Weight's low prices

Our new Co+op Basics program means that you can save on hundreds of items that you use everyday. Just look for the purple shelf tag!

See Honest Weight's everyday low prices

This means that you can eat healthy while saving a whole lot of money on many popular grocery and household items.

Co+op Basics gives you a huge selection of our Field Day brand staples at new every day low prices.

You can rest easy knowing that what you’re eating is made using only natural ingredients without any sneaky preservatives or artificial ingredients. Look for items in the store marked with the purple, Co+op Basics tag and you’ll find big savings you can count on month after month.

Field Day is great food that’s delicious, good for you - and affordable.

We're working to stretch your budget. Honest.

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