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Honest Weight's Enviro Tokens Program

Through the generosity of our shoppers, as of January 3, 2017, Honest Weight and our shoppers have donated $12,264 by using their own bags 210,904 times!


Honest Weight’s Enviro Tokens program was launched in September of 2015. Shoppers get a nickel off of every grocery bill for each reusable bag that is brought into the store to use. Envirotoken Charitable Donations

Shoppers receive a Wooden Nickel at check-out for each of their re-usable bags that they brought to shop with. On their way out, that nickel is dropped into the box with the shopper's chosen charity.

Organizations to give their nickels to are recommended by our shoppers, member-owners and the community to be added to our ever growing list of recipients. Each quarter, we select five new organizations, taking care to encompass a variety of causes.

As our Enviro Tokens program continues to grow, we hope to offer you a glimpse into some of the amazing local organizations in our community and the great work they continue to do each and every day.

We update our tallies weekly, so that all can watch this program and it’s impact grow!

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The next time you shop, we invite you to bring your reusable shopping bags — it’s a small and simple gesture that, combined with that of others, makes a big difference!


If you would you like to nominate a local nonprofit organization as a recipient of our Enviro Tokens, contact Amy Ellis at: or by calling 518-482-COOP


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