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International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

In conjuction with International Raw Milk Appreciation Day and Earth Day, we will be bringing in Renata Pilato & Erynn Connors of Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont.

Meet the Maker with our Cheese & Specialty Foods Department!
Saturday, April 21st 11am-2pm
with Consider Bardwell Farm

Local producer, Consider Bardwell Farm, has been producing award winning handmade cheese from goat and cow milk in West Pawlet, Vermont since 1864. They use sustainable methods, rotating their animals on pasture, which also happens to produce the sweetest milk and tastiest cheese.

They’ll be featuring Rupert, their award-winning raw Jersey cow milk aged cheese inspired by great European Alpine cheeses like Gruyère and Comté. Other Consider Bardwell raw Jersey cow’s milk cheeses Dorset and Pawlett will be available to try, as well, along with raw goat’s milk cheeses Manchester and Danby.

About Raw Milk Cheeses

Raw milk cheeses are unique in flavor, history, and carry on traditional cheesemaking practices. Producers who make them are passionate about craftsmanship and animal husbandry. Their cheeses represent years, even decades, of knowledge and thoughtful innovation to better their products. 

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