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Local Everywhere...Stories from the Co-op

Local Everywhere is a brand-new co-op radio & podcast collaboration with Cynthia Pooler (of Focus on Albany fame) and WCAA-LP 107.3FM, a program of @grandstreetcommunityarts the Capital Region's Community Radio Station.

Episodes 1 through 5 are NOW LIVE! Listen on YouTube, or tune into WCAA 107.3FM!

🎤 Episode 1: Greg Sheldon, International Project Director of Eden’s Rose Foundation and Project Manager at @albanyvictorygardens

🎤 Episode 2: Ruth Ann Smalley, local teacher, writer, editor, children’s book author, Eden Energy Coach and Biofield Tuning/Sound Attunement Practitioner @ruthannsmalley

🎤 Episode 3: Jordan Alexander, the Executive Director of @gratefulvillages

🎤 Episode 4: Rostislav Rar, nonprofit immigration attorney, congressional candidate, and a Russian immigrant @rarforcongress

🎤 Episode 5: Inez Dekker, co-op shopper, world traveler, and resident of Amsterdam, the Netherlands gives her impression of Honest Weight

We are looking for people from the cooperative community interested in participating in short-format (28-minute) interviews with Cynthia, to share their thoughts on holistic living in the Capital Region and beyond, and of course, on their favorite food co-op!

Interested in participating? Email:

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