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Producer Profile: Yesfolk

By Pat Sahr

Kombucha is a lightly carbonated drink made by combining sweet tea with bacteria and yeast. The result is a living fermented tea rich in probiotics and enzymes. Yesfolk is a family run brewery located at 2247 13th Street in Troy, New York, that specializes in crafting kombucha beverages using the best local ingredients that are available.

Yiyi Mendoza and Adam Elabd are the co-founders of Yesfolk. In 2016 they moved to the Capital District from California to be closer to Adam’s parents. When they arrived they were surprised to learn that the production of kombucha and fermented foods were not nearly as widespread here as it is on the West Coast. According to Yiyi, “If we were still in California, we would never have thought to open a kombucha or kefir company because there are plenty already.  But this was something we could bring to this community.” 

The kombucha brewing process begins with organic and/or wild-harvested, high-grade, single-origin teas. Each tonic features a single type of tea from one location and production method. The tea is steeped in pure reverse osmosis water and organic cane sugar. Afterward, it is transferred to custom-crafted oak barrels provided by Adirondack Barrel Cooperage. These barrels are designed specifically to aid in the fermentation process. The resulting product is a healthy probiotic beverage that can be enjoyed by young and old.

At you can browse the variety of single-origin black teas that are used for tonics. You will also learn about the plant therapy tonics that are produced from single-origin green teas infused with adaptogenic and medicinal herbs. Honest Weight has the following tonics on tap: Jasmine, Yaupon, and Hojicha Kombuchas, and Blossom Water Kefir. Yesfolk products are also available in cans. Try the varieties that are sold at the Co-op or visit the brewery in Troy on Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm, where  Adam and Yiyi, along with Yiyi’s brothers and cousins, can be found pouring tastes of fermented beverages on tap.


Pat Sahr has been a member of the Co-op since 2005. She contributes to the Coop Scoop as the writer of the Producer Profiles. "Its a pleasure being part of the Honest Weight family, and I've especially enjoyed communicating with the various producers whose products are sold at the Co-op!"

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