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Welcome to the new Coop Scoop Blog!

Hello! I have been the Managing Editor of the Coop Scoop since 2020 amidst many changes to our world, our store, and the print magazine you know and love. It has been an exciting journey being part of a team dedicated to sharing relevant and welcoming content about the mission of Honest Weight. I’m delighted to give you the latest news about what’s happening next! 

The editorial staff have been chatting quite a bit about care and health for our earth, our store, and ourselves. Having a physical copy of Coop Scoop is important to us and our readers. That’s not going away. However, we are mindful of our carbon footprint and paper use–and in order to be the best stewards of our resources, we are planning to transition Coop Scoop from a monthly print magazine to a bimonthly publication. Don’t worry, though. There will still be plenty of content in the interim. It will simply be posted, paper-free, and accessible to all, on our new Coop Scoop Blog. 

There are a number of other benefits to this change. Moving to an every other month schedule will also help Honest Weight’s budget. Printing costs have jumped 40% just this past year and may continue to rise. Finally, to bring you the quality content you expect from our magazine, both staff and member-workers (like me!) must put in many hours. Self-care, in the form of cutting down our work hours to a more reasonable level, will keep our whole team healthy, happy, and creative. 

So when is this all happening? Starting in July 2022, instead of our digital Coop Scoop having additional articles to supplement the print issue, those articles will be published online, right here on this blog. Check back each week for new and exciting posts on all the topics you have come to expect from our publication: recipes, interviews, news from the store, and in-depth research into the topics important to our community. 

Then, in Fall 2022, we will move to an every other month print schedule with weekly blog posts. We will have a September/October print issue, with new weekly online content being posted here for both months. In this way, we still can offer a quality print publication as well as give you something to read weekly right here. We feel this is bringing the best of what we have to offer while taking care of ourselves, the store, and the planet.

Happy reading!


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