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Elections & Nominations Committee

 The next Regular Membership Meeting wil be held on Sunday, October 28th at 6:00 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church located at 405 Washington Avenue in Albany.







Are you ready to become involved in HWFC governance? Join the Governance Review Council (GRC) by running for one of the three open seats!  On October 28, 2018, at the Regular Membership Meeting, an election will be held to fill THREE VACANCIES on the five-member GRC.   One vacancy is for a term of ONE YEAR and two vacancies are for terms of THREE YEARS.  


Member-Owners should review the information provided on the Nomination Form.  If they are interested in running for a seat on the GRC, and if they meet the qualifications listed on the Nomination Form, they should complete the CANDIDATE INFORMATION sheet, available online or at the Customer Service desk on October 1, 2018.  The completed form must be submitted by 5 P.M. on October 20, 2018.  This is a strict submission deadline so read the submission information included on the form carefully.  Qualified candidates that have timely submitted their Candidate Information will have their names pre-printed on the GRC election ballot.  They will also be entitled to participate in Meet the Candidates forums and to speak before the election at the Membership Meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor during the Regular Membership Meeting. Candidates should review the HWFC Bylaws for further information.  


Meet the Candidates Events

At the Co-op:

October 21 - 1-2:30 pm - moderator Karen Roth 

October 24 - 6-7:30 pm - moderators Lieta Washington and Rita Nolan

October 26 - 3-4:30 pm - Moderator  Mollie Lampi 

At the meeting site – First Unitarian Church of Albany: 

October 28 - pre-meeting meet the candidates - 5-5:45 pm - moderators Rita Nolan and Mollie Lampi 


GRC Responsibilities

According to Honest Weight Food Co-op Bylaws

(Sections as Noted)

470.2(a)  The GRC shall provide advice, support, and analysis regarding any policy or Bylaws review-related matter upon the request of the Membership, the Board, a Member-Owner or group of Member-Owners, or the Management.

470.2(b)  The GRC shall assist the Board Secretary in maintaining a current record of the Bylaws and official policies of HWFC.

470.2(c)  The GRC shall review the policies and governance procedures of the Board and Management and shall monitor the actions of the Board for consistency and adherence to those policies and procedures and these Bylaws.

470.2(d)  The GRC shall receive each Notice described in Sections 341.6, 342.7, and 343.8 before it is distributed to Member-Owners to ensure that it presents the issues in accordance with the Bylaws and to determine whether or not any proposal described in the Notice would violate the Bylaws.

470.2(e)  If the GRC concludes that there has been a violation of the Bylaws by any action of the Board, Management, the Bylaws Panel, or the Membership, or that such violation is pending, then it shall promptly notify the Board and, as necessary, may call a Special Membership Meeting to submit the issue to the Membership in accordance with Section 343 but without the need for a petition as described in Section 343.2.

470.2(f)  The GRC shall appoint two people to serve on the Bylaws Panel.

470.2(g)  If, in the process of this monitoring function, the GRC discovers a problem with the Bylaws themselves, it shall notify the Bylaws Panel as well as the Board, Management, and the Membership Committee, of the problem and may suggest appropriate changes. The GRC may go directly to the Membership, pursuant to Section 470.2(e), if the Bylaws Panel itself fails to adhere to the Bylaws. 

470.2(h)  The GRC may place on the formal agenda of any Regular Membership Meeting any issue related to its duties and responsibilities without the ned for a petition as described in Section 342.4.


We encourage you to review the entirety of Section 470 of the Bylaws to learn more about the GRC and the service it performs on behalf of the Membership of HWFC. 


Nomination Form for 2018 GRC Elections


For an overview of the Election process please see:

Honest Weight Nominating & Voting Manual



Please see instructions to view PDFs on this page.

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