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Free Food Fridges Albany - Updated!

We’re ecstatic to be a major sponsor of Free Food Fridge Albany, a grassroots initiative that's been providing free and accessible food for marginalized neighborhoods and people. We have been coordinating with the project's organizer, Jammella Anderson, to provide nourishing food and meals since last August.

The idea is very simple: they are literally just refrigerators full of free food, on the sidewalk, providing no-strings-attached free and accessible food for people.

Here is a list of the current locations with more to come!


8 Elm St.

153 Grand St.

245 Lark St.

56 2nd St.

488 Broadway


621 River St.

Similar programs exist in cities like LA, NYC, and other places around the country. To help visualize what this looks like in the Capital Region, check out the very well-established L.A. program here. It’s really inspiring!

How you can get involved:

Free Food Fridge Albany is looking for local (as in the capital region) restaurants, farmers, and individuals to be a part of their mission: free and accessible food for marginalized neighborhoods and people.

Donations can be made through Please reach out to them directly if you want to be part of this exciting initiative and/or have a specific skill that would be useful to the project.

Visit @freefoodfridgealbany on Instagram to learn more!

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