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Linda Donegan, Cheese & Specialty Food Manager

Linda has a love & a true passion for cheese...

As Linda puts it, "My passion for cheese begins with my passion for the farms and the animals that produce the milk."

This love began early on when Linda worked in nutrition & sales with farms feeding sheep and goats.

Linda Donegan, Cheese & Specialty Food Manager

When you speak with her, you can feel that passion. She learned early on that how the animals are fed and treated affects the milk's flavor. 

She goes on to say, "The compassion and care and environment make the most difference. Cheese makers often talk about how flowers and grasses in mountains change the taste of the milk. Coastal Irish farmers talk about how the sea mist changes the taste of some of their most famous and delicious Cheddars."

Linda recently attended the Institut du Fromage. They describe themselves as having "an exceptional lineup of cheesemakers, cheesemongers, food authors, and chefs... and have moved to the forefront of cheese education in America." 

At the Institut du Fromage, Linda met Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Cheese. Mary resonated with Honest Weight's Linda Donegan because of their shared passion for cheese and the love of the animals that give their milk.

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Linda's passion shines through our whole department. Come in and she will love to share a sample and a story with you. It's always fun and delicious. 

Come see more about our Cheese & Specialty Food Department.

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