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July is National Hot Dog Month!

Save on All Natural Dogs and Savor the Difference with...

Honest Dog Days

Black River Meats: July 1st-9th 

Uncured Hot Dogs made in North Springfield Vermont with no antibiotics or hormones. Since 2009, Black River Meats has developed dedicated relationships with a small circle of select family farms that we engage with personally. On sale for $6.37, regular price is $7.49. Save $1.12!

Vermont Smoke & Cure Uncured Bacon Hot Dogs: July 10th-16th

Responsibly sourced meats with simple local ingredients like Vermont maple syrup and apple cider, combined with the highest quality spices and herbs. Made in Hinesburg, Vermont. On sale for $5.94, regular price is $6.99. Save $1.05!

LightLife Veggie Dogs: July 5th-18th

On sale for two packages for $6! Regular Price is $3.99. Save $.99!

Old World Provisions Beef Frankfurters: July 17th-23rd

Honest Weight provides high-quality, grass-fed beef to Old World Provisions, a Troy-based purveyor, to create all-natural, uncured beef frankfurters, just for us!  Regular price is $7.99, on sale for $6.79. Save $1.20!

Organic Prairie Grass-fed Beef Hot Dogs: July 24th-31st

Just the right spices and a hint of hardwood smoke combined with organic, 100% grass-fed beef. Skinless, fully cooked, and seasoned with sea salt and celery juice powder.

Tofurky Meatless Sausages: July 19th-August 1st

Select varieties! On sale for $3.99. Regular price $4.49. Save $.50!


Did you know?

The name “hot dog” is often attributed to cartoonist who observed the carts selling “red hot dachshund dogs” on the New York Polo grounds and was unable to spell dachshund, so he printed “hot dogs” instead. However, this cartoon has not been found, prompting many historians to question the legend’s accuracy. The immigrant vendors of the time also brought their dachshund dogs, prompting their carts to be called dog wagons. Possessing good humor, these vendors were known to tease that their sausages were made from their dachshunds. Certainly, this was nothing more than a friendly joke, but this may be where the term “hot dog” was coined.

Information courtesy of the Hot Dog & Sausage Council