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Scoop News: Archive Exhibit Opening in the Cafe!

By Rebecca Angel 

It’s finally happening! The Coop Scoop Archive Exhibit will be unveiled on November 20th at 1pm! We are so excited to share the wealth of the early days of Honest Weight Food Co-op with this showing.

The evolution of this project has been vast. At first, the Coop Scoop editorial team pursued the idea of gathering a book of recipes from past issues. Then we explored the idea of a poster exhibit showcasing the history of the Coop Scoop. The Honest Arts Committee was very welcoming in letting us use their space.

Everything changed once the research began. The immensity of the project made the three-person team decide to start with coverage from 1976 through 1980 of Honest Weight only. The early Coop Scoop was a text-based newsletter with articles, recipes, member meeting minutes, jokes, and delightful hand-drawn illustrations. Because of this rich content variety, the entire project shifted to creating collage-style posters based on themes found within the pages.

After much deliberation on how to best showcase a mostly text-based exhibit, we decided that the space that had been so generously offered to us by the Arts Committee would not work very well. The cafe, with its large windows to let in light, seemed more suitable. The tiny text could be read more easily, plus we could provide interactive coloring pages of the illustrations on tables. We hope people will read at their leisure over a meal, and spark conversation about the early days of the store.

Come check it out–The opening Reception is Sunday, November 20th at 1pm in the Cafe. Light refreshments and coloring sheets will be offered.

To hear from the members who put this exhibit together, read this interview:

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