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Scoop News: Shifts and Changes

By Rebecca Angel 

Hello Scoopers! This will be my last Scoop News as I am stepping down as Managing Editor of the Coop Scoop. Two years ago, I contacted the Coop Scoop and asked if they needed any help. They did! Through Zoom meetings during the pandemic, the Scoop team worked to bring you the store magazine you all know and love.

In 2021 we decided to change things up. What about a complete redesign? After exciting discussions with the entire Marketing Department, we decided to focus on making the publication Relevant, Welcoming, and Helpful. The new Coop Scoop was well-received and the positive response continues to be heard.

In 2022 we wanted to expand. What if we had an online presence? A way to bring the latest information to our readers in a way the print copy can’t do—while also saving paper? We discussed many iterations of this idea and ultimately took over the blog already on Honest Weight’s website. Now we were both in the store and on the web. Exciting!

This led to more brainstorming. Could we do more than just a magazine and a blog? Sure! Reading through the Coop Scoop’s 46-year archives, we wanted to showcase the amazing legacy of our store, as seen through the pages of this magazine. The culmination of this idea is the Archive Exhibit currently being shown in the cafe area of the store. 

Now, again, there will be something different. There will be new leadership to this magazine starting in 2023, and there are already new ideas being discussed as I type this! I learned so much in my time with the Coop Scoop, and I will marvel and applaud the shifts and changes to come.

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