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Shopping the Co-op

Shopping the Co-op

Honest Weight Food Co-op is a different kind of grocery store. We have member-owners providing services, way more bulk items than most people are used to, and go to great lengths to reduce waste and our environmental impact. 

We want to make it easy for new shoppers to make the most of our special store. The links below will help new or seasoned shoppers with different aspects of shopping the Co-op, from buying in bulk to produce PLUs to what all those labels mean! 


Check out our Current Sales Flyers for our weekly sales in all departments.

See our Banned List for information on the ingredients we refuse to sell. 

Click here to purchase gift cards online or make a catering order.

Here are some helpful tips on How to Shop Honest Weight

Learn about other Ways to Save, like discount days and coupons, here.


If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot us an email at