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Bread of the Month

Bread Alone Bakery logo on a round loaf of bread

Each month, we pick a different type of Bread Alone Bakery bread to discount to give to you for a dollar off it's regular price. Bread Alone, based in Kingston, NY, produces many varieties of Certified Organic sliced and artisan breads made with organic, stone-ground flours, water, organic grains, sea salt, and little else.
Check out our Great Deals Flyer for the current Bread of the Month! 
About Bread Alone Bakery:
Bread Alone is a family-owned, values-driven bakery in upstate New York. We have been baking organic breads since 1983, and we continue to do so today. Our vision has not changed since the day that we opened: We strive to create delicious, honest breads and foods that we believe speak to the best in us.

Our ambitions are bold for our 35th year: we aim to uphold the tenets of regenerative food production across every touchpoint in our business. What do we mean by regenerative? We plan to return as many resources to our community as possible, ecologic and economic alike. We’re kicking off our renewed commitment to sustainability with our 200 KW solar array on the roof of our Kingston HQ.