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Celebrating National BBQ Month Every Sunday in May!

May is National BBQ Month and we're celebrating every Sunday by highlighting the barbecue style of a different American region on our hot bar, along with vegan options and classic sides! See our entire hot bar menu for the month here. 
Sunday, May 6th: EAST TEXAS

What it is: 
Composed of pretty much equal parts beef and pork, East Texas BBQ is chopped instead of sliced and served between two buns with a butt-ton of hot sauce. It's got more in common with other Southern BBQ styles than with Central Texas.
Sunday, May 13th: KANSAS CITY

What it is: 
Kansas City goes for the gusto -- no meat is off-limits (owing to the city's status as a meatpacking hub), and it's all cooked super-slow and super-low, preferably over hickory wood. The sauce is most commonly a thick, sweet molasses-and-tomato concoction that sticks to ribs of both animal and man.
Sunday, May 20th: MEMPHIS

What it is:
 This town's big on pork, whether it's in rib or pulled form, and usually uses a dry rub that includes garlic, paprika, and other spices. The meat's cooked in a big pit, and's typically served with a tangy, thin tomato-based sauce. How Marc Cohn still managed to sing that song about this city between bites of BBQ is truly remarkable.
Sunday, May 27th: CAROLINA
What it is: Divided between Lexington-style and Eastern-style, both camps agree that the meat (typically pork) should be brushed with a spice-and-vinegar mixture while cooking and served with a ketchup-based sauce. Eastern proponents use the entire pig when BBQing, and Lexington tends to use just the pork shoulder or ribs.

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