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Meet Your Maker: Berle Farms!

This Friday, February 9th, from 11am to 2pm, stop by Honest Weight's Cheese and Specialty Department to meet Berle Farm's cheesemakers and dairy artisans, Beatrice Berle and Vi Huu Wood. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and try two of their organic, raw cheeses!

A Little Bit About Berle Farm

Berle Farm is a 600 acre farm in Hoosick, NY, that is maintained as one piece. They are certified organic and have been since 1997. They milk 11 to 14 cows March through December and only use milk produced at Berle Farm for their cheese and yogurt. Berle Farm grows all of the grasses and grains and bedding for the cows onsite. Solar electric was installed in 2010 for more sustainable cheese making. Solar hot water was installed in 2011 for even more sustainable cheese making and farming. In addition to cheese Berle Farm produces vegetables, beef, apples, berries, hay, maple syrup, small grains and yogurt.

About the Cheeses

Berleberg is a certified organic cheese made at Berle Farm in Hoosick NY. It is a hand crafted, raw, cow milk, cheese made in small batches and aged over 6 months. The cheese has a balanced flavor that starts with grassy, undertones and finishes with  a sharp and nutty bouquet. The flavor becomes buttery when heated. It is an extremely versatile cheese.

The HayMaker is a certified organic hard raw milk cheese aged over a year made at Berle Farm in Hoosick NY. The HayMaker flavor starts mild and finishes with a bold full mouth sensation. The cheese tastes clean and has mellow tones that linger sweetly. It is reminiscent of  a high quality Ramano. It shaves well for salads, can be served as a stand alone cheese on a board with charcuterie and used in recipes calling for parmesan.

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