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What's Fresh: New Green Practices at the Juice and Java Bar!

We're always looking to make changes to our practices in order to reduce waste and lessen our environmental impact. Early this year, we started two programs around reducing the use of our single-use compostable cups at our Juice and Java Bar.

Mugs at the Java Bar

You asked, we answered! We now have ceramic mugs in 12 and 16 ounce sizes on our coffee bar for our shoppers who choose to dine (or just drink) in. This will increase use of ceramic mugs (formerly, shoppers had to ask staff for one) and help eliminate waste. Plus, there’s just something about drinking hot coffee or tea out of a warm mug. Enjoy!

New Green Incentive: Reusable Mugs

To incentivize the use of reusable cups and mugs (or grabbing one of our new ceramic ones!) for coffee, tea, juices, and smoothies, we are now reimbursing shoppers 15¢ for each beverage purchased in a reusable mug. Our branded paper coffee cups and their plastic-seeming lids are compostable, but still take energy, raw natural materials,  and fossil fuels to produce and ship. You can find reusable mugs (insulated and non) in our housewares aisle with the fun kitchen stuff.

As always, bringing in a reusable or reused bag to use at Honest Weight will get you 5¢ off your groceries or an Enviro Token to donate to charity.

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