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Directions | Grocery Delivery | Kitchen Delivery

Tips for Getting Hired:

Apply by filling out an application in its entirety, on our Employment Page

Adding supporting documents, like a cover letter, resume and any additional certifications is encouraged.

Some key characteristics we look for in prospective employees:
Experience in the fields of agriculture, business, food service, hospitality, natural living, grassroots organizations, and community involvement. 

"Okay, I applied. Now what?" 
Do your HWFC homework! Learn about who we are and come prepared to dazzle us. When you are called in for an interview, great candidates say things like: “I want to work with people who have a positive impact on the environment”,  “I am motivated by learning new things”, “Helping people isn't just something I do, it's what I believe in.” Give well considered examples to support your statements.

"There aren't any positions open and I really want to work at Honest Weight Food Co-op!"

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"How else can I stay in touch?"

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