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How to Get Hired

You can apply by filling out an application in its entirety, on our Employment Home Page.

Adding supporting documentation like a cover letter, a resume and certifications are encouraged.

Key characteristics that tell us a prospective employee will be a great fit with our co-op:
Experience in the fields of agriculture, business, food service, hospitality, natural living, DIY organizations, and community partnerships involvement. 

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You nailed the application process! Now, how do you get hired?

What can prospective employees do to get our attention?
When you are called in for an interview, great candidate's say things like: “I want to work with people who have a positive impact on the environment”,  “I am motivated by learning new things”, “Helping people isn't just something I do, it's what I believe in”. Then give well thought out examples to support their statements.

Do your HWFC homework! Learn about who we are and come prepared to dazzle us.

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But there aren't any positions open and I really want to work
with Honest Weight Food Co-op.

Now what?