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Honest Weight's Garden Seed Orders

It’s time to think about seeds for your garden this spring!

The Co-op does an order with Fedco Seeds every year. Our order deadline is Feb 2, 2017 – Groundhog’s Day.Natural, responsibly sourced, organic garden seeds

We send in orders each week in January with the final order going in the first week of February.

We like this early deadline to avoid out-of-stocks and to get the seeds here in time for starting your seedlings.

Why place your order with Honest Weight’s group order?

  • The prices are considerably lower!
  • There is free shipping no matter how small your order is. 
  • You’re able to get exactly the varieties you want.

Why order from Fedco through Honest Weight?

  • They specialize in varieties good our local planting zones. 
  • Their seeds are not treated with chemicals. 
  • Many of their selections are organic or sustainably grown.
  • They do not knowingly carry genetically engineered seeds. 
  • They support sustainable agriculture and provide technical assistance for seed growers. 
  • They are a cooperative.
  • They started in 1978 as a project of the Maine Federation of Cooperatives. 
  • Consumers own 60% of the cooperative and worker members own 40%. 
  • We and you are their consumer-owners. They exist to serve us, not just to make money.

The Produce department will help you get started. We will call when the orders come in to make it super easy for you

If you miss the Feb 2nd deadline you can still place an order on your own.

Please know that the only things allowed on our group order are seeds.

Fedco also has garden supplies, cover crops, and potato sets. These can be ordered on a separate order form. We do not do these as a group order but you can order them on your own. You can ask us how.


Thanks and happy dreaming about your garden!