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How to Participate at Honest Weight

Our Shareholders and Member-Owners are at the heart of Honest Weight.

Everyone who joins Honest Weight owns a share of the Co-op.

Shareholders have the opportunity to participate in the Co-op's community by lending a hand in the store as Member-Owners and get to participate in so many other things. We’d love your help.

There are many ways that you can participate at Honest Weight.

  • Join the Co-op.
    Not only will you own a share of the number one community-owned food store in the Capital District, you'll receive a discount on all your favorite Co-op products. In addition, by completing orientation and becoming a Member-Owner, you can attend Co-op meetings and vote in elections.

Find out how you can join the Co-op. 

  • Offer your time and skills. 
    Member-Owners are critical to Honest Weight. The Co-op always needs help, both in the store and outside with community outreach programs. Once you attend an orientation to become a Member-Owner, you're eligible to assist Honest Weight in support of the store and its mission. There's no better way to appreciate the value of your investment and your membership in the Co-op community than taking an active role in running the store you own.

For more information on Member-Owner assignment openings contact Janet Sorell at 482-2667 x104 or email her at:

  • Share your expertise. 
    Co-op committees help run our store and maintain our presence in the community. We are always looking for active, involved committee members who have real-life experience and talent that could benefit Honest Weight.

Find more information on Honest Weight committees. 

  • Keep the Co-op honest. 
    All Member-Owners are encouraged to run for election to the Governance Review Council, or GRC.

    The purpose of our GRC is to nurture strong, democratic and cooperative processes here at Honest Weight. By reviewing policies and procedures along with the Co-op Bylaws, the GRC helps us to always be true to our mission. 

Find more information about the GRC. 

All hours logged count as hours required to maintain your membership level.

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Come see how you can be valuable to Honest Weight and see how you can follow your passions working towards environmentalism, health, local farms and providers and so much more.

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