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It's Turkey Time at Honest Weight!

Turkey on a platter with HWFC Turkey Time illustrated logo in bottom right cornerThis Thanksgiving, treat your family to a turkey dinner they’ll really give thanks for. Naturally, a fresh turkey tastes bett‚er than a frozen turkey, and natural turkeys taste better than ones that are pumped full of weird stuff like growth-hormones. Our turkeys come from local farms that we visit to make sure the birds are healthy and happy. Like anything else, better birds cost a li‚ttle more, but why serve anything less than the best to your family at one of the most important meals of the year? All our turkeys are:

Fresh, never frozen
Fed a vegetarian diet

Allowed to roam free
Raised without hormones or antibiotics

When you taste our turkeys and save on all the fresh fixin’s, you’ll see why these deals on your Thanksgiving dinner are worth bringing to the table.

Available for Preorder through November 14th

Stop by our Meat Department or call 518-482-2667 x257 to order your Thanksgiving turkey today! We are accepting pre-orders through November 14th with a $20 deposit. Plus, enjoy 10% off our Thanksgiving sides when you pre-order your turkey! Deposit is returned in the form of a $20 HWFC coupon. Limited quantities are available. 

Misty Knoll Farm, New Haven, VT
Free to roam within the barns
$3.99/lb. - 
Sizes available: 11-28 pounds

Glen Ewe Dairy Farm, Fultonville, NY
Pasture-raised, fed non-GMO grain
$4.99/lb - Sizes: TBD
Limited number available

Hidden Camp Farm, Canajoharie, NY
Organic, pasture-rasied
$4.99/lb. - Sizes available: 12-21 pounds
Sold out!

Slingerland Family Farm, Greenville, NY
$4.99/lb. - Sizes available: 17-22 pounds
Limited number available

Available on a first come, first served basis beginning November 13th:

Plainville Farms Natural Turkeys, New Oxford, PA
Natural, free to roam within the barns
$2.69/lb. - Sizes ranging from 10-24 pounds

Plainville Farms Organic Turkeys, New Oxford, PA
Organic, free to roam within the barns, non-GMO organic fed
$3.99lb. -Sizes ranging from 10-20 pounds


Enjoy made-from-scratch Thanksgiving catering (and enjoy 10% off when you pre-order your turkey!)


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