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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy these Savings on Local, Natural, & Delicious.

Aerial view of roasted turkey on table with Thanksgiving sides

This Thanksgiving, treat your family to a turkey dinner they’ll really give thanks for. Naturally, a fresh turkey tastes bett‚er than a frozen turkey, and natural turkeys taste better than ones that are pumped full of weird stuff like growth-hormones. Our turkeys come from local farms that we visit to make sure the birds are healthy and happy. Like anything else, better birds cost a li‚ttle more, but why serve anything less than the best to your family at one of the most important meals of the year? All our turkeys are:

Fed a vegetarian diet
Allowed to roam free
Raised without hormones or antibiotics
Fresh, never frozen

When you taste the difference in our turkeys and sides, you’ll see why this deal on your Thanksgiving dinner is worth bringing to the table.

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Two coupons for HWFC: $5 off $50 and $20 off $100 good through 11/22

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